'Bournemouth realists know Howe is doing a tremendous job'


Bournemouth have had a decent if not spectacular season. A few seasons ago it would have been a dream to finish as the 12th best team in the land. Getting higher up the league though will take big investment and a better defence.

14th May 2018

Bournemouth wanted to end the season with a win and while they are used to coming from behind they left this one really late. Burnley scored slightly fortunately in the first half, but Chris Woods just has the scoring habit.

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Eddie Howe made changes in the second half and Josh King got the Cherries back into the game. It then fell to Jermain Defoe to cross the ball for Callum Wilson, who has had a horrendous time in front of goal of late, but this time Callum kept calm and got the match winner.

Finishing 12th on 44 points has turned out better than most fans would have thought possible mid-way through the season, so I’d expect AFC Bournemouth fans to be happy enough with that.

Has this season been a success?

Any season that sees AFC Bournemouth retain their Premier League status will be considered a successful season by the majority of fans and the club itself, as it is not a division where the club has a long history, so we are almost setting new records every season at the moment.

I would say that things could have gone much better. AFC Bournemouth spent many weeks in the bottom three, and a poor start only put extra pressure on the team.

Bournemouth scored fewer goals, had fewer clean sheets and won fewer games than last season, so there is room for improvement, even if fans would say the squad is probably stronger than it was a season ago.

Are you happy with your manager?

If you took a poll of Bournemouth fans I would suspect that the approval rate would be about 90 per cent.

There will always be some moaners that think the club should be knocking over the top six every week, but the realists know that Howe is doing a tremendous job along with Jason Tindall, and it is now a question of how much further can they take this club?

What should be the club's priority in the transfer market this summer?

Defenders, defenders, defenders.

Bournemouth leak too many goals at this level and the likes of Charlie Daniels and Simon Francis have begun to show signs that they are starting to struggle at this level.

A scoring central midfielder is also something that Howe has not managed to develop. But becoming harder to beat should be the priority for transfer thoughts.

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What do you want to aim for next season?

It may seem mundane to want Premier League safety and a decent cup run every season, but it is important that fans’ expectations don’t get carried away just because we have had a few seasons at this level.

The team is going to undergo some fundamental changes next season and Howe has a hard job to manage experience with youth while having the talent and quality to compete with bigger budgets.

So, a stronger start to the season and a top-10 finish would be viewed as progress in my eyes, especially if a few more young players have come into the team.

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