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Read the latest Arsenal match reports from the dedicated team of die-hard fans here - who would you rather hear from? The dreary musings of some anonymous hack, or the passionate prose of a genuine fan who lived and breathed every last second of the game?

Latest match reports

As every genuine Gunners football fan knows, the best part of any game is sitting in the pub afterwards discussing the just-survived ninety minutes with your Arsenal-loving buddies. When you pick up the Sunday paper and read the match report there and you ofter wonder if the journo writing it had been to a different game entirely!

At AskFans we can't quite compete with your mates, but we can bring you match reports on all of Arsenal's games fresh from the pen of a genuine Arsenal fan whom can still recall the days of Arsenal BW (Before Wenger!).

Match analysis

Were Arsenal immediate losers the moment they stepped foot upon the pitch because of Arsene's team selection? Why was Nacho Monreal left on the bench? Why does Wenger play 4-2-3-1 – just because every team in the EPL does these days? Just what went wrong … or went right?!

With every match report you'll find detailed analysis from someone whom has been following Arsene's boys for years. If Arsenal flopped, you'll be able to read an opinion on just what went tits up. If they won, you'll learn what our Arsenal supporter feels contributed the most to the victory, and how Arsenal can move forwards from this victory and at least pose a significant challenge for the title in the future.

How many chances were created? If Arsenal won, just what did Mesut Ozil and company do to unpick the opposition's defence? If Arsenal lost, what turned the Gunners' usually resolute defence into a big steaming lump of butter being hacked to death by super-heated white-hot knives? Okay, so it's only one guy's opinion, but you'll find it a major seed for discussion, week after week!

MotM and team performance

No matter the tactics, the selection or the opposition, it's usually the players themselves who win or lose you games. Pick the eleven best players in the world and if they all have stinkers you'll still get beat by Accrington Stanley, after all.

Our post-match analysis usually centres around the players too, with each of the eleven-to-fourteen guys who spent time on the pitch having their individual performances reviewed. Who had a stinker and who genuinely cemented their place in the side? Which old hands should be put out to pasture and which up-and-coming youngsters are ready for an extended run in the team? Who impressed from the subs bench and whose presence on the pitch contributed nothing to the proceedings?

Every player will be given a mark out of ten but one man will be selected as the player whom stood head and shoulders above all others and earned themselves the title of 'Man of the Match' – will you agree with their selection? If they've picked Danny Welbeck then clearly something's gone amiss …

Get more Arsenal coverage

Of course there's more to Arsenal than what happens on the pitch for ninety minutes plus stoppage time, and at AskFans you'll find game Arsenal previews and news and views too. Who's in the pipeline for a summer transfer? Who's the latest big name celebrity Arsenal fan (not called Piers Morgan) on Twitter demanding Arsene's head on a platter? When is Brendan Rodgers likely to be plucked from Celtic to (no doubt briefly) replace Arsenal's long-serving French manager? All the contentious, controversial and contemporary issues are covered here at AskFans for Arsenal fans as well as supporters of all nineteen other EPL sides.

If you're an Arsenal fan, then get the lowdown on your club at AskFans from someone for whom it means just as much as it does for you.

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