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What are both teams to score tips?

You would think that any professional football team would have enough about them to at least score a goal in a game – the twenty-two highly paid players have all ninety minutes to do just that of course. But, in many games one or both sides fail to find the net. With 'both teams to score' (or BTTS for short) bets you are seeking games where both sides do in fact manage to stick the ball in the old onion bag before the referee blows the final whistle.

With a BTTS bet the actual score doesn't matter as long as both teams score at least once. For example Manchester United could thrash Arsenal 7-2, or the game could end in a 1-1 draw – it matters not, just as long as both United and Arsenal score at least once during the game.

We are here to bring you the best BTTS tips, based on our extensive footballing knowledge.. We will research and find out which of the forthcoming fixtures across the entirety of the English Football League, the Scottish Professional Football League and beyond are most likely to come up trumps with both teams during the game finding the net on at least one occasion.

Why back a BTTS prediction?

In truth, it can be hard to predict matches in which both teams are likely to score. This may sound like a bad thing, but actually it isn't! As such games are tougher to predict than predicting the winners of a game, you get much better odds at online bookmakers and with much better odds you'll make more money if your betting is successful.

Additionally, your BTTS bets can keep going right up until the final whistle. If you're a home-draw-away specialist, then your bets can be over in as little as ten minutes into the game. For example, say you back Everton to beat Liverpool in a league game and Liverpool go two goals up within ten minutes - your bet is as good as dead as the likelihood of Everton netting three times before the ninety minutes is up is unlikely, to say the least.

If you'd backed BTTS instead, then Everton would have eighty minutes left to score just one goal at least. As explained above, the final result does not actually matter that much (unless you're an Everton fan of course and the Toffees get trounced!). Even if the score is nil-nil after eighty minutes in a game you've back you've still ten minutes (plus time added on) before your bet is a losing one.

How can I place a BTTS bet?

Like any sporting bet, you need to open an account at an online sports book before you can place a BTTS bet. Don't worry if you're a little bamboozled by the choice of online sports books available – we can certainly recommend a place or two at which you can wager.

Once you've opened your account and funded it by making a deposit, them you're ready to start betting. Find your sports book's football section and then look through the fixtures that are presented to you until you find the game that you want to wager upon. As there are so many football matches taking place at all times across the globe it may take a little searching.

At most sports books when a fixture is listed you will see a row of odds for a home win, a draw or an away win. At the far right hand side you will see a number – this is the number of markets that are available for that particular game. Click the number to be taken through to a new page.

On this new page you will find a full list of available markets. Scroll down until you find the 'both teams to score' section. You will be give odds for 'yes' (both teams to score) or 'no' (one or both teams to fail to score). Click on the price to add it to your bet-slip then set your wager accordingly.

What is a BTTS accumulator?

An accumulator is a series of bets that are linked together. The winnings from the first bet in the chain are placed on the second bet, and so on. To be considered a true accumulator, the series of bets must be more than three. Three bets so linked is called a 'treble' and two linked bets is called a 'double'. An accumulator can have as many selections as you want, as long as it is more than three.

It does not matter the order in which the bets are settled, as the winnings if all bets win will be the same no matter what. For an accumulator to be a winning one ALL linked bets must be winners. If you get one failed bet along the chain then the whole bet will fail.

With accumulators you can get much, much better odds than simply wagering on single events, and some lucky punters have won six figure sums using 'accas'.

A BTTS accumulator works by linking several single BTTS bets together, and of course all bets must be winners or the accumulator is a losing one. If you link six BTTS bets together then you would need all twelve teams to score in the six fixtures that you've included within the bet.

Where can I find free BTTS tips?

We endeavour to bring you the best free BTTS bets, including the best BTTS accumulator bets. We do our homework and crunch the necessary numbers in order to bring you the best BTTS tips online that you'll find anywhere.

We are experts at sussing out games where buoyant attacks come up against leaky defences at both ends of the pitch. We cast our net far and wide to bring you the very best BTTS tips from the Premier League, the Scottish Premiership, all the leading European Leagues plus the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League when the next round of fixtures rolls on by.

We also key an eye on which teams find it impossible to keep a clean sheet even when they are three or four goals up. We look for strikers enjoying a rich vein of form or defenders who are committing howlers week in, week out. We also look for teams who are suffering from a bout of goal-shy-ness or teams adept at going ahead and then grinding out a 1-0 win so we know which games to avoid.

In short, if you what to know where you can find the best free BTTS then you won't have to look very far!

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