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Correct Score Double


What is a correct score bet?

When you place a wager on a football match, typically you will be betting on one side to win, or perhaps for the game to end up as a draw. There are many other markets you can place wagers upon per game, and one of the most popular is a correct score bet.

With a correct score bet you are betting on the actual final score at the end of the game. For example, if you bet on Chelsea and Manchester City to draw one all, then the final score has to be one all for the bet to be a winner. It's no good if either side win, or the game ends up a draw but with more than two goals at the final outcome – your bet is then automatically a losing one.

Most online bookmakers will offer you a list of the most probable outcomes when it comes to the final score on every match, but most will actually allow you to bet on any final score outcome as you so wish. If you want to bet on Stoke City to beat Liverpool six-nil, then you will be able to! You never know, stranger things have happened!

Correct Score Double

There are several ways you can bet on the correct scores of multiple games. You may want to bet on the correct score of every English Premier League game on a weekend, so you could bet on each as a single bet, so (if all teams are playing) that's ten bets in total.

If you want better odds though, you could link a few matches together. The simplest way of linking correct score bets is by combining two single bets – this is know as a 'double'.

With a double you automatically put the winnings from one bet (if it is a winner of course) onto the second bet as your stake. If you link two single bets in this way it doesn't matter which way around your bets are settled as the outcome will always be the same. You can bet on two single events that happen at the same time – you don't have to wait for one event to conclude before you bet on the second one.

With a double both single events have to be winners for your double to return you some money. If one bet is a winner but the other bet is a loser (or both lose) then your entire double bet is a loser.

Correct Score Acca

An 'acca' in the sports betting world is short for an 'accumulator'. An acca is a string of single bets that are linked together in order to create much better odds for a wager than if each event was wagered upon separately.

To be truly considered an acca the number of single bets in the betting chain must be at least four. As explained above, two single bets that are combined is known as a double, and three single bets is known as a triple.

You can have as many single bets combined in an acca as you desire. The winnings from each single event is placed as the wager on the next bet in the chain, and so on. Just like a double, it doesn't matter in which order the wagers are so linked – if all the single bets are winners then the final tally of winnings will always be the same.

You can gain some fantastic odds when you combine a number of correct score bets to create a correct score acca. People have been known to win six or even seven figure sums with an accumulator with only a £1 stake or even less.

Why do punters love correct score tips?

Many matches in the EPL and beyond are very predictable. Say, for example, one of the big teams in the EPL such as Chelsea, Tottenham or either Manchester side is at home against a side that's battling against relegation. A home win is almost a cast-iron certainty so the odds you receive for wagering upon the game are hardly worth bothering with.

You can make the game more interesting – wagering wise, anyhow – by betting on the correct score, and the odds you receive for getting the score correct are much, much better than you would by simply wagering on the winner.

Say, for example, you decide to predict the correct score of all ten EPL games on a weekend, each for the same stake. Typically, you would only need to get one score correct in order to 'cover your bets' i.e. receive back your wager. Getting two right will likely double your money and three will usually at least triple it. Of course the more you get right the more money you will get back.

If you combine single correct score bets into doubles and accas, then you will return even more cash if you get your single predictions spot on.

How can I place a correct score wager?

Placing a correct score wager is relatively simple. If you're new to the online wagering realm then the first thing you will need to do of course is open an account at a recommended online sports book. Don't worry if you find the available selection a little daunting – we're here to explain to you which we think are the best sports books where you can open an account and why.

Once you gone through the registration process (and don't forget to pick up your customer bonus that you're more than likely to receive as a new online sports book user – you could use your bonus cash to place your first correct score wager, double or acca) find the match that you want to place a correct score bet upon. It can be confusing when you use a sports betting site at first, but you will soon grow accustomed to it.

Each match will have its own markets page. If you find your game on a list of matches, look for a number to the right hand side of the row – this is the number of markets or betting opportunities available. Click on this and you'll be shown more markets to bet upon. From here you will easily find the selection of correct scores to bet upon, or a method by which you can bet on any score you wish.

Where can I find the best correct score tips?

Predicting the correct score of a game is one of the most difficult wagers to win. To a football manager, it usually doesn't matter if their teams wins one-nil, two-one or six-nil! As long as they win, that's the important thing! Getting the score exactly right is tough if you're a sports wagering punter, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

The most lethal weapons you can have if you are looking to get into correct score betting are the best correct score betting tips, and we pride ourselves here at AskFans at the lengths we go to in order to work out the most likely score in any given game. We truly work hard in order to give you the best correct score tips that can be found anywhere on the world wide wagering web.

All the people working on the AskFans team are dedicated football fans who have been passionate supporters of the round ball game ever since they were old enough to first put down their jumpers for goalposts. We genuinely take all aspects into consideration when making our correct score tips because we want them to be the very best, of course.

For the best correct score tips, the correct thing to do is stick with the tips given by us here at AskFans.

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