England Fan View: 'Spanish police very heavy handed'

15th Oct 2018

England take on Spain in the UEFA Nations League this evening and, ahead of the game in Sevilla, we spoke to Three Lions fan Dale Napier - who has made the trip to support Gareth Southgate's men - about the atmosphere, tough police and his predictions. 

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What has the atmosphere been like ahead of the game? 

"So far it's been very good. The sun has been out and there are plenty of fans out here. Police have been heavy handed in the evening." 

Have there been any clashes with the Spanish police?

"Yes. Most fans are not causing trouble but they don't seem to care. They are just moving from bar to bar whacking anyone in their way it seems. The police are living up to their reputation as being tough."

Do some England fans always let themselves down? Or does their reputation count against them?

"There's always a few idiots, for sure. But most fans behave and just want to have a good time. The media escalates the negative and it really has given us fans a bad reputation." 

What is the best thing about following England away?

"Going to places you normally would not go - plus meeting fans from all over the country and talking football." 

As for the match itself - would you like to see some changes to Southgate's XI?

"Not overly. I think Southgate has the foundations of a solid team and some solid squad depth. Jadon Sancho and James Maddison deserve a chance but Spain away may just be too much." 

What is your prediction?

"We have a good team but feel it depends on how Spain play. Let's just say I would take a draw now."

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