European Super League: Are top-six fans in favour of breakaway competition?

9th Nov 2018

The idea of a European Super League is nothing new, but the threat of a breakaway competition is back on the agenda.

Rumours suggest Europe's biggest clubs have been discussing the introduction of a new division that would see them leave their national leagues and football associations behind.

There is no doubt that this would produce some superb games of football, but where it would leave the Premier League and other major leagues is another matter.

The money men would clearly be in favour of the concept, but what do the fans think? We spoke to a supporter of each top-six Premier League club to find out.

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Manchester City Fan

Chris Mcrae: "I am totally against the idea of the Super League. I just think it's a way of clubs making more money. I really don't think it should be introduced and they should scrap the idea. It’s only about making the so-called big clubs richer, creating a bigger divide than there already is. I don’t think that’s good for football at all."

Chelsea Fan

Harry Edwards: "Don’t we already have the Champions League for Europe’s best clubs to take each other on? Why do we need a separate division where fans would be expected to fork out thousands of pounds more to follow their team or be excluded? And with no relegation? What's the point of football if every team doesn't have something to fight for? It's an utter joke."

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Liverpool Fan

Neil Perry: "As nice as it would be to be part of such an exclusive club, I think the whole exercise would be a disaster. For some leagues in Europe where the competition is so poor I can understand the value of it, but it would de-value the Premier League.

"My gut instinct is that this is just an opening offer that will get watered down into something more palatable."

Tottenham Fan

Dean Smith: "It might be fun for a season or two but after that the novelty would quickly wear off. For me it's just a further example of the so-called 'super-clubs' putting their own financial greed above the good of the game as a whole and I sincerely hope it never comes to fruition."

Arsenal Fan

Robin Rust: "As a traditionalist and lover of the Premier League, I'm completely against it. Domestic football is what we have all grown up loving and destroying that would turn so many against the great game.

"The success of the Champions League has been driven by so many great one-off ties between the biggest clubs in Europe, seeing them play each other each week would kill the spectacle anyway."

Manchester United Fan

Mark Jones: "I think it will probably be another huge revenue stream for the elite clubs, which will in turn mean that the vast gap between the top-six teams and the others will increase further.

"Teams outside the Super League would become irrelevant for millions on a global scale. The top teams could pay even more money in transfer fees and wages; something which is already out of control. It will be bad for the Premier League and football in general."

Are you in favour of a European Super League?

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