'Everton need to start living by their own motto'


Everton’s disappointing season came to an end in fitting fashion at the London Stadium.

Another insipid display under Sam Allardyce led to the Blues recording yet another shockingly poor defeat in a season that has become characterised by them.

15th May 2018

Even worse, the defeat handed a first win over Everton to former manager David Moyes, a fact that just adds a new, frustrating low to a season that most would have assumed couldn’t actually get any lower.

Apparently football is supposed to be entertaining, but nobody told Everton that.

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Socks and sandals

Given that the Blues had nothing to play for going into this game it was to be expected they would have their socks and sandals on, dreaming of the beach.

In fact, that was already happening a week ago. This was a whole new level. If they were thinking about the beach against Southampton, they were asleep on it in this game.

Everton’s players have thrown in the towel on numerous occasions this season so it’s not shocking to see them do it once again.

Yet, this was appallingly bad. Such was their lack of care and effort at times they made West Ham look like one of the best sides in the history of football.

In case you’re not aware, the Hammers are no such side but somehow they passed the ball around the Toffees like a team that had blitzed all before them this season.

That’s how bad Everton were.

That’s why Allardyce has to go

If anyone had been wondering why Everton fans do not want Sam Allardyce at the club next season, that’s why.

Evertonians have been told by pundits for weeks now that they should be grateful for the work that the veteran boss has done at Goodison Park this season.

Furthermore, they should be realistic and realise that asking for their club to play better football is just a foolish notion. Most of these pundits can’t fathom why fans are not happy with Allardyce as manager.

This is why. The football is dreadful, his personality is worse and the complete lack of ambition he shows is astounding. Go take a look at the stats and learn for yourself.

Playing five defenders and two defensive midfielders away from home to West Ham showed plainly that he is not good enough to be manager of Everton Football Club.

If the Blues have any ambition at all, he would have been sacked by Monday morning. It’s time for Farhad Moshiri to show his worth.

A summer clear-out

Speaking of Everton’s majority shareholder,  it’s time for him to wield the axe over more than Allardyce. Everton need a clear-out from top to bottom.

First of all, the playing squad has to shed the deadwood that is holding it down. There are numerous players at this club who are nowhere near the required level.

The same applies to every other level of the club, including Boyhood Blue chairman Bill Kenwright.

He has reigned over the club’s longest trophy drought and instilled a lack of ambition that has become like rot to one of England’s most famous and successful clubs.

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With CEO Robert Elstone also seemingly on the way, now is the perfect time to sweep the boards clean and rebuild the club how it should be.

Only the best is good enough is the club’s motto, it’s time they lived by it.

Allardyce, his staff, Elstone, Kenwright and any other of the executives that have failed Everton have to go. This season, and this loss to West Ham, is the perfect demonstration as to why.

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