Fan View: 'It was the best Wales performance since Belgium'

7th Sep 2018

After watching his team dismantle Republic or Ireland in the opening match of the UEFA Nations League, Wales fan Alex Frew answered some of our questions about the match and what is yet to come for this exciting young squad.

Is Ryan Giggs the right man? Can Wales qualify for another major tournament? How bad were Ireland? He discusses it all. Enjoy...

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How impressed were you with the Wales performance?

"It was magnificent performance especially in the first half. One of the best Wales performances in a while, probably since the Belgium win at the Euros." 

Is Ryan Giggs the man to take you forward for the next few years?

"Ryan Giggs wasn't my first choice for Wales manager, but having seen the way we are setting out to play in his short tenure, I think he could be. Its nice to see a Wales side play on the front foot and taking games to opponents with a decent reputation not just against the lesser nations.

"He hasn't been afraid to make changes to an established XI, leaving Gunter out for example or give youth a chance, so I'm quietly optimistic he is the right man until the next World Cup at least."

Have you run out of words to describe Gareth Bale? 

"Who hasn't run out superlatives for Bale? He is quite simply the greatest Welsh player of all time, and one of the best ever. It's great to see him turn up to all Wales games and camps, and wanting to play games even friendlies.

"Having a player like Bale in a team can only be positive as teams fear him, and his experience can be passed onto the youngsters which is invaluable. Nobody can doubt Bale ability and who wouldn't want that in their team. Let's hope he can continue to be a role model off the pitch as well."

Which of the Welsh youngsters were you most excited about?

"There are several youngsters I like the look of, Harry Wilson and Ethan Ampadu in particular. It's hard to believe that Ampadu is only 17 with the composure and ability he shows and at times dictates the game. I don't know too much about Connor Roberts but he certainly impressed me last night and looks like he could  be one to watch this next season or two."

What was the atmosphere like? Are Wales fully invested in the Nations League?

"The atmosphere as always at games these days seemed immense. So much passion from the crowd, and this positivity transfers onto the pitch. It's a good vibe at the moment. I think it was a bit more passionate last night given the local derby nature and the little bit of a grudge from World Cup qualifying some fans hold. But moving games to the Cardiff City Stadtium from the Millennium has seen the atmosphere improve. 

"It's hard to say if we fully invested in It at present, but at end of day it's a way to qualify for a major tournament again, and we all want to replicate the achievements of 2016 again. It was a fantastic time, not just for the fans but the whole country as well.

"The whole concept of the Nations League is still new and whether it will be a success we have to wait and see, but I for one think Wales will be 100% invested in It."

How bad were Ireland? Is it the end of the road for O'Neill?

"Ireland looked like a shadow of their former selves. I don't know why or what's gone wrong for them. As good as we were they were that bad, but we can only play the XI in front of us. I was expecting a close nervy encounter but it never materialised.

"On the positive for them now, the only way is up. I personally think O'Neill should have gone after the failure to qualify for the World Cup, he's has had his time and hasn't taken them forward at all in my opinion. So I would say the writing is almost definitely upon the wall for him, especially after this result."

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