'Leicester title heroics have skewed expectations'


With the 2-0 defeat at home to West Ham, Leicester City are firmly en route to ending the season in bad shape, undoing the more accurate perception that the Foxes have had a decent campaign.

5th May 2018

But in the shadow of the lacklustre performance at the weekend, this doesn't seem to be a popular thing to say at the minute. Leicester were toothless against the Hammers with their first shot on target coming in the 86th minute.

Claude Puel has to shoulder some of the blame given that the players just aren't ticking, and I felt his changes during the match saw two players showing a flicker of desire taken off.

Fousseni Diabate and Hamza Choudhury were at least showing pace on the ball and desire to press out of possession. I felt that the introduction of Demarai Gray didn't add any sort of outlet or change much.

Leicester weren't as bad as they were in the appalling effort against Palace, there were big moments in the game that went against them. How Aaron Creswell only received a yellow card for handling the ball as the last man when Jamie Vardy had done him is beyond belief.

The letter of the law has his offence down as a straight red, and the game might have been salvageable if the rules of football had seen a bit of justice in this moment.

It wouldn't even matter if Creswell felt Vardy holding a smashed WKD bottle to his back, a player can't stop the game in this way based on their own judgement.

Other than this instance in which the law failed Leicester (I felt the referee had a good game beyond this), was there anything else positive to say? 

Not really, the Foxes are clearly struggling, whether it's a dressing room conflict with Puel or a dispute with how he is trying to change how Leicester play remains to be seen.

But I think as fans of this club, we also need to check our expectations of this side every now and then.

The title-winning season has skewed expectations in my opinion and I think some fans expect a bit too much. Having said that, the minimum that every paying fan deserves is to be entertained and come away from a game feeling that the players on the pitch gave everything.

Can we really say that has been the case in the last month or so?

I've been left wishing that Leicester would go back to the high press, counter attacking football that suited the spine of the squad and Vardy. Results weren't guaranteed in this style, but at least it was entertaining, aggressive and direct.

If Puel's more passive, gradual style was keeping clean sheets or sacrificing entertainment for results, then we wouldn't have the license to complain as much, but that simply isn't the case.

Leicester's stagnant form continues, but overall the season has been a success. This says nothing about the future direction though, which seems to remain up in the air.

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I would say it was a shame to see how few fans stayed after the game for the lap of honour. In a wider footballing context it will appear that Claudio Ranieri's sacking wasn't the peak of destruction for the romanticised fairy tale season after all.

After a few bad games, it seems most have abandoned the remnants of that squad and it was a shame to see this considering Leicester will finish in the top half.

What happened to supporting your team through the good times and the bad, eh? This group of players have gone through bad runs like this before, we have to support them and believe they can climb out of it.

However, I hope the players show more commitment and desire in the next game because it has been well below par recently.

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