West Brom 2-2 Liverpool report - 'Reds sick of the Baggies'


An easy day at the office went wrong late on as Liverpool threw away a two-goal lead against basement boys West Brom.

21st Apr 2018

Salah strolls on

This is getting boring now. What more can we say about Mo Salah? What more can we say about his goals, his range of finishing and the season of his life?

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As a forward, he’s so dangerous. This is now one of those self-fulfilling things. He’s been built up. He feels in form. He feels he’s dangerous and so do the Liverpool fans, opposition fans and opposition players.

As a result, he’s creating multiple opportunities every match. A Salah goal is now expected, not wished for. And let’s not forget that we’re talking about someone who was signed as a winger.

Liverpool are set up to make the most of Salah’s attributes and let’s hope that the Egyptian remembers that when Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich inevitably come knocking.

Lack of strength in depth

Take the big guns out of this Reds team and we’re simply not the same. 

Alberto Moreno, Raganr Klavan and co can fill in for first teamers in situations like this, when we have bigger priorities around the corner. That’s fine.

But the fact that they came in and we haven’t won isn’t a coincidence. It just goes to show that Liverpool don’t currently possess the necessary quality needed to win the title.

When Manchester City, Manchester United and even Spurs rotate their teams, they can call on better players. On our day, our first team can beat anyone in the world. The problem is, what happens when it’s not your day? Or when you need to rest players?

Was it the pitch? Or the ref?

Let’s face it: West Brom are down. And I, for one, won’t miss them at all. I was at the reverse game at Anfield which ended 0-0. 

In that game, the whole ‘Fab Four’ played. Philippe Coutinho, Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino all played poorly; no question. However, what most people won’t remember is the time wasting from the Baggies at every goal kick and every throw-in, right from the very first minute.

Match reports lauded Alan Pardew as a tactical genius – he had blunted the best attack in the league. Not really, he just destroyed the game. But was that point worth it? No – they’re bottom of the table. Perhaps things would have been different had they won, both for him and the team.

So I’m sure Jurgen Klopp will get criticised for blaming the ref and the lack of water on the pitch. It sounds like sour grapes and it probably is. But it’s fair enough.

We should feel sick of the sight of teams who are satisfied to wreck matches in exchange for the possibility of snatching a draw. As Jurgen intimated, good luck to them next season... in the Championship.

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