Five Memorable Transfer Deadline Day Moments

9th Aug 2018

Panicking Premier League sides often make last-ditch moves on deadline day and throw money at players at whom they should really be throwing peanuts.

Here are five of the most memorable - and downright bizarre - moments in history when it comes to transfer deadline day.

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Peter Odemwingie really likes QPR

It's not the most glamorous move in football history – West Brom to QPR – but it was one that striker Peter Odemwingie seemed very keen on in 2013.

So keen in fact that he drove all the way to Loftus Road of his own accord to facilitate a transfer that QPR weren't interested in.

With tail firmly between legs Odemwingie crept back to his employers, but the bridges had been burned. He was sold to Cardiff in 2013 and his career petered out with Stoke and Rotherham.

Argentina stars sign for… West Ham?

So, how did West Ham persuade up-and-coming Argentine youngsters Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano to sign for them on deadline day in 2006?

The answer is that no one is really quite sure, except that it was some form of third-party ownership deal, and therefore against FA rules.

Tevez saved the Hammers on the last day of season with the only goal of the game against Manchester United, much to the chagrin of Sheffield United who were relegated by a player who shouldn't have been allowed to play.

Benjani nods off

The Portsmouth striker reportedly fell asleep in Southampton airport and missed two flights on his way to signing for Manchester City in 2008.

The Zimbabwe international's laziness threatened to scupper the move but it eventually got over the line thanks to some lineint Premier League officials.

His career at City started with a bang - courtesy of a winner against rivals Manchester United - but it soon fizzled out.

Barton Rovers make history

It's not just the Manchester Uniteds, Liverpools and Chelseas of this world that go mad on transfer deadline day – the whole of football works hard to provide a stellar signing to get fans excited.

In 2017 Barton Rovers – a tiny club in Bedfordshire playing in the regional divisions of the Southern League – went onto Twitter to announce their super signing – a new rake from Homebase for the sum of £6.99.

Apparently the rake was great on either wing where the grass was long, but not so effective in the middle which had areas that were slightly worn.

Adrien Silva wants to play – FIFA computer says 'no'

Fourteen seconds is not a huge amount of time, but as no doubt the sticklers at FIFA would say – rules is rules!

Sporting Club and Leicester agreed a £22 million deal to send midfielder Adrien Silva to the King Power Stadium in 2017, but the all important documents arrived at FIFA HQ fourteen seconds after the deadline.

Of course any reasonable man could see that a fourteen-second hiccup is not sufficient reason to put an international's career on hold for four months (until the next transfer window) … but FIFA is not filled with reasonable men.

Silva 'signed' for Leicester on 31 August 2017, but because of FIFA bureaucracy did not make his debut for them until 1 January 2018.

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