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Football News

Here at AskFans we consider it our responsibility to bring you all the latest football news – not just directly concerning the English Premier League but around the lower leagues and in Europe too; anywhere in fact that might affect the day-to-day activities of the biggest twenty clubs atop the English footballing pyramid.

How have the managers and players reacted to the latest football upheavals? Which players are playing out of their skins and which players need a spell on the bench or even in the U23 league? Who are the up-and-coming youngsters who'll soon be commanding the next record-breaking transfer fees, and which previous talismanic talents are coming to the ends of their careers? We bring you absolutely everything you need to know about the EPL, each day, every day.

As soon as a major story breaks we'll make sure it gets the coverage you deserve here at AskFans. If a manager has been told to clear his desk and sling his hook, then we'll bring you all the latest developments. Is there unrest in a top-flight dressing room? Which players are becoming unsettled? Here at AskFans we make sure we keep one ear to the EPL grapevine at all times.

Transfer News

Perhaps the most important buzz around those twenty EPL grounds is the football transfer news of who's going to be leaving for pastures new, and who's going to be signing on the dotted line. Playing squads are ever-evolving, and when things aren't going as planned it's usually the transfer coffers that get raided in the hopes of achieving UCL qualification, or beating the dreaded drop and avoiding perhaps years stuck in the Championship or even worse.

Here at AskFans we bring you all the latest transfer news as EPL sides prepare to wheel and deal during the transfer window. We name the supreme talents whom are soon going to be (hopefully) earning their mega-bucks wages at Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or the Emirates. We tell you which mooted deals are actually likely to come to fruition, and which are simple pie-in-the-sky tall tales put about by savvy agents. It's certainly within our remit to let you know the full facts.

Once a move happens – big money or otherwise – and it involves an EPL side in some capacity then you will hear about right here, plus the manager, players and fans reactions to the news.

Fans Opinions & Polls

We get all our info from the coalface – from the people whom truly count in this wonderful game of ours, namely the fans. No one is closer to their beloved clubs than the supporters, and it's their thoughts, views and opinions that really count when it all boils down to it.

Here at AskFans we give supporters a platform upon which to express their thoughts about what's going on at their favourites clubs, and it's a platform that you'll want to read if you've a desire to stay informed. Don't think though that this is simply some random internet-based 'footie-forum' full of trolls and keyboard warriors – we've cherry-picked the most talented, most passionate football fans whose content you'll going to be absolutely informed by and interested in.

You're free to make comments in reaction to the views and opinions expressed by our writers just as long as they're in tandem with the way that we do things around here. We always run polls when the bigger issues arise, so you can express how you think things should play out, and then see just how many of your fellow supporters agree with you.

Too often the voice of the supporter is lost in the whirlwind world of the EPL, but here at AskFans we just ain't going to let that happen.