Danny Murphy praises 'incredible' Liverpool

7th Dec 2017

Ahead of their crunch Champions League clash with Spartak Moscow on Wednesday, Danny Murphy has labelled his former club as 'incredible' on their day and defended Jurgen Klopp's transfer activity last summer.

As everybody knows, Liverpool have been superb going forward this season, but shaky at the back. It is something they wanted to address before the season started when they tried and failed to sign Virgil van Dijk from Southampton.

Klopp has since been criticised for not pursuing other targets, but Murphy is convinced he has gone about his business in the best way possible.

Speaking exclusively to AskFans about Klopp, he said: "Liverpool fans love him because he's very honest which is a good trait to have
as a manager. He doesn't try and blag. He knows they've got some issues.

"He's trying to play football the right way. Liverpool fans love  seeing the creativity they've got. Like Brendan did when we nearly won the league.

"The forwards we had then - Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge all played so well together. Liverpool fans want to see that. They need to see that. It's what they've grown up on.

"But, the vulnerability Liverpool have defensively has become too much and the fans won't switch off from that. 

"Klopp lost a couple of finals, with the Seville game the worst one as they were in control of that, but he got in the top four.  Up until that point, you'd say job well done. 

"The summer was a big one for him and I'm not sure there was enough done in the market. 

"They tried really hard to get Van Dijk and that was nearly over the line. There was a few things that didn't get in the public domain which stopped them getting him.

"There is an argument though and this is where the question mark is with Klopp. Regardless of the players, they should still be better defensively. Their shape should be better and not so cavalier.

"It's hard to get a balance between scoring lots of goals and being solid at the back. Tottenham are the best example of that over the last couple of years, but they have got better defenders!

"The thing is... the Liverpool recruitment policy isn't as clear as everyone thinks. It's not a case of Jurgen Klopp saying 'I want him - go and make it happen.'

"They have a recruitment team which is quite big and Jurgen Klopp's involved in that, but he has to adhere to their philosophy a bit. Which can be restricting in terms of the players you bring in. 

"When you are competing with Chelsea, City, United and even Arsenal - the contracts they are offering, it's hard. You've also got to convince a player to come. You've got to pay the wages and guarantee Champions League football.

As for when Klopp's team hit their straps - Murphy is extremely pleased with what he sees. 

"When I see Liverpool play well and I see them doing what Klopp wants, they look incredible. But I can't think of a team that plays that way and has won the league. Keegan's Newcastle was probably the closest. 

"Liverpool have got to find that balance. I do think they will get in the top four." 

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