How times change: England players' best old tweets

9th Jul 2018

We've all sent an embarrassing tweet over the years. You know, the ones that make you physically cringe.

But, fortunately for us normal folk, they've been consigned to the past and will never see the light of day again.

Things are a little different for professional footballers, who innocently used social media like the rest of us during their formative years.

That's right, their feeds weren't always filled to the brim with slick graphics, images and PR-checked comments.

Oh no, they fired straight from the hip just like the rest of us - with hilarious results.

Their everyday musings from a few years back certainly haven't aged well given that they now have millions of followers and are doing the nation proud at the World Cup.

Never change, lads.

Hard times with only Freeview on the box.

Eating at Nando's in style.

Eric Dier used to be pretty interesting before the club PR team got hold of him.

Plenty of people thought this one was believable.

Spelling mistakes were everywhere before social media admins got involved.

Interesting hashtag.

Gareth Southgate always leads from the front. He started from the bottom...

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