'Totally confused' - Fans not sold on UEFA Nations League format

6th Sep 2018

The UEFA Nations League is about to get underway and fans are.... a little underwhelmed.

The new format is being introduced to help reignite interest in international football, which struggles to get bums on seats away from the traditional major tournaments.

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However, not everyone is sold on the idea just yet.

55 teams are set to take part, with nations split up into four leagues (A, B, C and D), which are then divided into groups consisting of three or four teams.

Still with us? Good.

The winners of each group will gain promotion into the league above, while bottom placed teams will be relegated to the league below.

Meanwhile, each of the top-placed teams in league A will enter the 'Nations League Finals' and contest a knock-out tournament to determine the overall winner.

You're lost, aren't you? It's just as well teams aren't playing for a potential place at Euro 2020 too. No, wait, they are.

Plenty of fans, plus England defender Harry Maguire, are struggling to get their heads around the whole concept - and the confusion is expected to stick aorund for a while.

Fingers crossed it all falls into place....

Still confused? This should put you out of your misery - in theory, at least.

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