Premier League Match Reports

Find out how your team performed in their last match with our Premier League match reports. Click on the reports below to for tactical analysis, MotM performances, player ratings and more from your club, and get the opposition's perspective on the clash.

Match analysis

At the end of the day, there's only really one thing that matters when it comes to a football match – the result! However, if the dizzying world of football was just about results, then EPL grounds up and down the country would be barren wastelands of empty seats!

There's plenty that goes into ninety minutes (plus time added on) to engender a result, whether positive or negative, and here at AskFans we give you a truly in-depth perspective so you can find out how the winning team emerged victorious, and how the losing team just did not have what it takes on the day.

Did the manager get the tactics right? Did your side play the beloved 4-2-3-1 formation that everyone seems to be so enamoured with these days, and did it work? What about the substitutions? Did they enhance the line-up, or detract from it? Which players were left on the bench or the sidelines that would have up for the fight – or at least more up for the fight than those whom actually played?

Our fan-based match reports are guaranteed to get you talking, or at least give you plenty to think about.

Player ratings

It's funny isn't it, but when a team starts to flounder, it's always the manager who's given the push, and not the players! It's these individuals whom are responsible for where the ball goes, after all!

Along with our match analysis our writers will award each player a mark out of ten in reflection of their individual performance. By evaluating our player ratings, you be able to see how your team performed as a whole. You can also follow the ratings throughout the season for so you can keep tabs on how your superstars are performing week-in, week-out.

Of course there's more to Premier League player ratings than marks out of ten, and our match reports will go into much more depth about those whom had stinkers, and those who played out of their skins. If a player does have a shocker, sometimes it's not completely their fault – perhaps they were played out of position, or rushed back after an injury, or they carved a lonely furrow as a solo striker with zero support? Our reports go beyond the numbers and explain where things went wrong, and where things went right.

Man of the match

For each game our roving supporter-reporters will select a man of a match – the player who deserves the most pats on the back after a sterling afternoon (or evening) of work. Usually it's a member of the supporter's team, but after a complete shocker of a performance it could well be a member of the opposition!

As well as selecting a man of the match, our match report writer will go into detail outlining what influenced him in making his selection. Why did one individual stand head and shoulders above the rest? Was every tackle crisp and clean, was every pass guided through with slide-rule precision and was every shot tantalisingly just beyond the keeper's reach?

Of course selecting a single man of the match can at times be a real head-scratcher, so it's extremely likely that a couple of other names were in the frame before the final selection was made. Read the report to find out which kitted warriors just missed out as the best in the business when it came to that day's events.

Sometimes, though, watching your favourite football team – as any fervent supporter knows – can be a totally unrewarding experience, so expect a few surprise selections for MotM such as the team bus driver or one of the ball boys!

Opposition perspective

Not only is football a game of two halves, it's also a game of two sides – well, most of the time, anyhow! Sometimes you'll gain as much insight into your team's performance by reading the report produced by an opposition supporter as you will be reading the 'biased' views of a supporter of your own team. At the very least you'll gain a unique perspective of the game from someone wearing a different pair of rose-tinted sunglasses.

Here at AskFans we do something that very few football sites do – we publish TWO match reports, one each from the perspective of a supporter of each team involved in the tie. It makes for fascinating reading, both for fans of the two teams involved and for supporters of all clubs in the English Premier League and all football fans in general.

Our match reports are by the fans, for the fans, and they always make for an entertaining read as they're filled with passion and love for the clubs some of our writers have supported since they were still in nappies! 

Want the same level of insight for the next round of games? Head to our previews section for coverage of your team's next match.

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