Spotted! 6 moments of strange fan behaviour

9th Nov 2018

Going to football can be a life-changing experience, especially for young fans. Seeing your idols for the first time, soaking in the atmosphere and eating your first pie are just some of the things you can expect to partake in.

However, fans do not always follow these well-trodden lines and can break tradition with some more eccentric actions.

If you find yourself sat next to a bloke waving a recently deceased chicken or perhaps stumble across someone brushing their teeth or even fast asleep then you will be well acquainted with certain nuances of the football ground.

With that in mind here are some of the strangest things football fans have been spotted doing in the stands.

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Eating strawberries

We are all familiar with the half-time pie but when a couple of fans were seen pulling out a punnet of strawberries it caused a furious, if not slightly ironic, response among other fans.

Strawberries are not for the footie, they are for the tennis. Plus, is it socially acceptable to eat fruit inside a football stadium?

If the fan response was anything to go by then clearly not!

Brushing teeth

When going to a game most fans have a list of essential items they must take. Rain mac, scarf, Thermos flask (for my Dad anyway), half-time chocolate bar. Oh, and a toothbrush.

Well, perhaps not the last item for most of us, but it was on the list for one fan at Chelsea’s match against Manchester United in 2009.

The guy, named John, claimed it was no publicity stunt but explained that he had simply forgotten to brush his teeth before leaving for the match so decided to do it in the ground.

Picking your nose

Now I am sure it is not uncommon for a football fan to partake in a good bit of nose picking from time to time but one Everton fan took it a step further when at Goodison Park.

The gentleman (or perhaps not) was caught on camera picking his nostrils and then wiping the contents on the head of a woman sat a row in front. Disgusting!

Half and half shirts

For one Sunderland fan his dislike for Tottenham was such that he took it upon himself to customise his home shirt.

No, not by adding an anti-Spurs slogan, but splitting his shirt in two with one half Sunderland AFC and the other half Arsenal.

Now that is dedication.

The use of celery

As modern football fans we are used to seeing many items banned from grounds, but Gillingham fans will remember a time when a mere vegetable was added to the list of contraband.

In 1996 the Gills fans were banned from bringing celery into Priestfield after fans used to throw the veg at their own goalkeeper. At 16st John Stannard was one of football’s more chunky athletes.

With their sticks held aloft the fans would sing what became known as the celery song to the tune of Wembley only this time switching the name of the national stadium to that of the veg.

However, it wasn’t to last long as the club decided to band the stringy sticks threatening any fans who tried to smuggle it in with a lifetime ban – there is no way a fan would risk that for celery.

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The 2018 World Cup in Russia was a massive success, but try telling that to the chickens who were given stadium bans.

Nigeria fans thought that the authorities in Kaliningrad would allow them to bring their fowl into the stadium for games but unfortunately for the cluckers it was not to be and they were forced to watch the games on the TV like the rest of us.

Resuscitating a player

This last one is heart-warming rather than strange. Most fans will remember when Fabrice Muamba collapsed during Bolton’s game with Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Sitting in the stands that day was Spurs fan and cardiologist Andrew Deaner. As soon as he realised the seriousness and nature of the situation he persuaded the stewards to allow him access to the pitch to help.

Muamba was in a very serious condition, having suffered a cardiac arrest,  but was eventually revived. 

Sometimes it is meant to be and that day it just so happened that a heart specialist was on hand to save Muamba’s life.

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