AskFans Episode 14 | Didi Hamann on Klopp's Liverpool

Didi Hamann was our special guest this week and he gave us some very interesting views on the current Liverpool side.

Does he rate this Liverpool side? 

Going forward, on their day they are as anyone. 

The guys named the 'Fab Four' can take any team apart, so I think going forward they are very good.

In central midfield and defence, they are okay. This is the reason why they are only 4th in the table.

If you look at the games so far there is only a couple of games where they have been outplayed by City and Spurs. Apart
from that they have been the best team by some way. 

You have to win trophies though. If you are Liverpool you have to win trophies. They have had a couple of chances
in recent years. This year, I think the FA Cup is probably the best chance.

Hopefully this year they can get the trophy monkey of their backs and kick on because I think they are making progress.

It's looking okay. 

Has Klopp made enough progress?

He came in two and a half years ago and he said 'in the four years I'm here, I have to win trophies, if not
I probably won't be here any more' so he's got a year left even though he extended his contract in the mean time!

I think he changed the perception of the City because with Liverpool, it was always up or down. I think he has brought
a bit of stability, a bit of balance and a bit more sense into the people. He's done well so far. It's exciting to watch.

What's missing now is silverware, so that's what he's got to do now.

Can and Henderson - are they good enough for Liverpool? 

Can's time at Liverpool might come to an end. He's still not signed a contract. They are good players.

With Henderson, we shouldn't forget that he took over the captaincy from Steven Gerrard. It was big boots to fill
and almost an impossible mission to accomplish. I think he has led the team okay.

I think he's a good player. Whether he is a Liverpool Captain, I'll leave that to other people. Can and Henderson are
very similar. They are players who like to drive with the ball, get in the box and score goals.

In Wijnaldum they have got another one who is pretty similar. What is missing is a holding midfielder. The balance
of the team sometimes is not right. Both Henderson and Can would be better if they had a Matic or a Kante next to them.

They are good players but could be even better with somebody else next to them.

Oxlade-Chamberlain's Liverpool career so far 

He's getting better. He's got to prove that he is the player everybody thought he was when he was 17 or 18. He stagnated
during his last few years at Arsenal. I think he needed a change of scenary and in the last few games he'd played really well.

Until he does that regularly, I've got to sit on the fence. With the ability he has got, he didn't do enough at Arsenal.

He's got to prove himself now. The club showed faith in him by spending big money late on in the transfer window and now it's 
down to him to show what he's capable of. 

But, we must not forget there is a lot of competition in these forward positions. With Salah, Mane, Lallana coming back, it isn't easy.
So far I'd say I would be cautious with Oxlade-Chamberlain. He's got it to prove! 

Where will Klopp's men finish?

Liverpool will finish in the top four. Spurs have a few problems at the moment. Arsenal, you never know if they will get their consistency into
the team and I don't think they will catch the Manchester teams. They have a chance to catch Chelsea.

As for Arsenal, they are a dangerous side. They are capable of winning seven or eight on the bounce. When they are on form
they are good. The problem for them is that when they are bad, they are really bad!

But, I think Liverpool will finish third or fourth. They will qualify for the Champions League again.

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