'So what?' - England fans divided on Wayne Rooney's final cap

8th Nov 2018

The FA's decision to give Wayne Rooney one final England appearance has caused quite a stir.

The former England captain and record goalscorer retired from the national team in 2017 but is coming back for one last game when England face the USA at Wembley later this month.

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There has already been much said by ex-professionals about the call to give Rooney a send-off in - what is to all intents and purposes - a testimonial.

However, most of the attention has been negative. Former national team legends like Alan Shearer simply think it is not needed and is an over indulgence.

“It is an honour to play for England, England should not have to honour you,” the ex-striker said.

But what are the fans saying about the decision? AskFans took to Twitter to find out:

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