'Darren Moore has restored pride to a shambolic season'


West Brom finished up the season in typical fashion as they slumped to defeat against Crystal Palace.

The sight of Roy Hodgson doing wonders at the Eagles brought a lump to the throat when I consider how far the club has regressed since he left.

14th May 2018

I am a big fan of Palace; fans of London clubs tend to be a bunch of whinging, grumpy, ungrateful knuckle heads who never seem to be happy with what is happening at their club.

But Palace fans are the massive exception although this is, admittedly, rather broad generalisation.

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They make the most noise, sing when they are losing and stick by the club regardless of the division they are playing in. I hope Baggies fans will follow their example as we drop into the Championship next season.

The game itself was dominated by the hosts and it was no surprise when Wilfried Zaha broke the deadlock followed by a flowing move that ended with Patrick van Aanholt netting the second after a brief review with goal-line technology.

Not a great end to the season, but at least Darren Moore has restored some pride.

Has this season been a success?

Not only has the season not been a success but it hasn’t even been a failure. I could live with failure but this has been shambolic right from the off.

Nothing has gone right either on or off the pitch will seemingly every decision turning out to be misguided. I'm just glad to see the back of it to be honest.

Are you happy with your manager?

Strictly speaking we don’t have one with Moore only playing caretaker. He has done wonders after the two previous clowns.

Tony Pulis sucked the life out of the team to the extent that the zombified performances were driving the crowds away.

Despite our eventual relegation it was still probably right to get rid of him though it might have been better to wait until the end of the season after he had kept us up!

With Pulis gone the Baggies fans were dreaming of a new boss to take us to the next level and bring some flair back to the team, but that was not what we got unfortunately.

Getting rid of Pulis to appoint Alan Pardew is like getting rid of the rat from your kitchen only to find it has been replaced by a raccoon. He left us with a bigger mess than when he arrived and, despite Moore’s best efforts, we were too far gone to rescue.

What should be the club's priority in the transfer market this summer?

We need to reduce the wage bill so I expect most of the players will leave. If we can keep Jay Rodriguez then that will be as good as a signing.

I think he can do really well in the Championship and would probably have done better this season if it wasn’t for Pardew removing him from the team when he was in form.

At this stage it is hard to say where else we need to strengthen but a creative midfielder is a must.

What do you want to aim for next season?

Not to do a Sunderland and then try and push for a play-off spot. Anyone who thinks we will go straight back up is at best an optimist and at worst delusional.

The Championship is a ruthless division and has spat out bigger teams than us over recent years. I would love to see some decent football next season and try and move us as far away from the Pulis mentality as possible.

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