Newcastle 0-1 West Brom report - 'Moore is our king'


Darren Moore said there was no use for ifs, buts or maybes after another win but there will definitely be some maybe, what ifs?

There are no words to describe the frustration that these last few games make me feel but I will try and find some none the less.

28th Apr 2018

It is like finding that last delicious can of rice pudding hiding at the back of the cupboard the day after you broke the tin opener while trying to get into a Fray Bentos pie. Utter dejection with a lingering sense of hope that not all is lost.

Moore is just proving what most Baggies fans have felt all season – that we are capable of beating teams in the top flight and probably should be staying up.

The fact that all this positivity on the pitch has come way too late to make a difference just adds to the anger.

Those running the club were probably right to ditch Tony Pulis. His position had become untenable as fans were staying away and the football was dire but to then appoint Alan Pardew and give him as long as we did, despite results not improving and the embarrassment of ‘taxi-gate’, highlights the ineptitude of the previous chairman and his cronies.

No Baggies fan that I have spoken to is under any illusions as to the difficulty we will have at getting back up. The Championship is a ruthless division that is now awash with cash.

Many teams in England's second tier could easily out-muscle sides from the other top five European leagues when it comes to budgets so we are not expecting a quick return.

The game itself saw Matt Phillips grab the only goal with a fine strike and Ben Foster make a couple of excellent saves to see us over the line.

It was an immense effort and this new found grit and determination has been a trait of the Moore reign so far, short though it may be.

Pardew stayed too long

It was clear that the players did not have any respect for Pardew and were at times shamelessly not trying their best.

I'm not being funny but to not try your best for Moore appears to be much more of a risk than to slack off under Pardew. Just looking at Moore when he is angry is enough to make even the bravest Wolves fan wet himself.

Moore is our king

A legend as a player, Moore is already carving out a similar reputation for himself as our boss even if he is only going to be doing it on a short-term basis.

He has galvanised the squad, the fans and the club in general and long may it continue.

Some fans are so taken with the big man that they are calling for him to become our manager on a permanent basis.

If he keeps us up then perhaps he should get the chance but I still expect a more experienced figure to be handed the job once relegation is confirmed.

The greatest of great escapes?

If we win our last two games against Tottenham at home and Palace away then we could just do it, providing Swansea fail to get anything from their games against Bournemouth, Southampton or Stoke.

I can’t see it happening but we can always dream.

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