'Full steam ahead for the Darren Moore wonder train'


Flippin’ Nora…I mean seriously, flippin’ Nora. What is going on at the Hawthorns? West Brom have one game left and are still not down, just incredible.

The Darren Moore wonder train continues to steam through side after side in the quest for the greatest of great escapes in Premier League history.

6th May 2018

It is still a massive long shot, with results needing to go our way elsewhere, but we would all have bitten your hand off to be in this position when Alan Pardew left.

Moore has been in charge for five games and in that time he has remained unbeaten, he has won at Old Trafford, beaten Tottenham, drawn with Liverpool and united the club. Easy this managerial malarkey!

In all seriousness though, he has worked miracles. There is no way this team should still be in the Premier League given how we have played in the 37 games but it is a testament to Moore that he has been able to motivate the side and get some fight back in them. 

Tottenham were the better team, as you would expect, and we had our backs to the wall for long periods yet there was never the inevitability of defeat you felt when Pardew was in charge.

The team have a new grit about them now, which makes the fact that we are likely to go down all the more excruciating. If only we had managed just one more victory from all the winning positions we have got ourselves in we may well have pulled it off.

Jake Livermore bagged the winner to raise the roof at the Hawthorns and keep us dreaming until Tuesday night at least.

It remains bleak when you look at the reality of it. Swansea and Southampton face each other on Tuesday night and only a draw will keep us up.

Even then we have to hope that Southampton lose their last game at home to Manchester City and Stoke do us a favour by beating Swansea, plus get a five goal swing in our favour. Not likely, but still good to be able to even think about the possibility of staying up.

The stats

When you look at some of the things Moore has done it is even more impressive. Only two sides have won at Old Trafford this season, champions Manchester City and Moore’s Baggies.

Only three teams have scored two or more goals against Liverpool this season, Tottenham, Manchester City and, yes you’ve guessed it, Moore’s Baggies.

Should we give Moore the job now?

If we stay up then yes, give him the job. He will have more than earned it and even if we go down he has surely got to be taken seriously.

The only problem with that, looking at it objectively, is that the Championship is a ruthless place to start out as a manager.

It's very difficult to see if Moore would be able to build an entirely new side in order to mount a promotion challenge but you would be hard pressed to find a fan that wouldn’t back him.

Now boys go and make history next week and give the Palace a damn good trashing!

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